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Head of Programs - Helen Turnbull

Head of RG (Rhythmics) - Helen Turnbull

Coach - Melinda Turnbull

Coach - Amanda Coulton

Head of MAG (Mens Gymnastics) - Molly Turnbull

Coach - Caitlyn Woolard

Head of General Gymnastics - Helen Turnbull

Coaches - Sue Williams, Caitlyn Woolard, Kris Death

Head of Inclusions (Special O) - Sue Williams

Coach - Helen Turnbull, Molly Turnbull


The Head Coach is Helen Turnbull.

Helen has been coaching Rhythmic Gymnastics for over 25 years. Her one aim in coaching is to help our gymnasts achieve their potential. This applies equally to all gymnasts whether "special", recreation, kindygym, levels or elite.

Helen is a high level Judge.

She enjoys the challenge of creating routines that enable the girls to show their talent and skill in the best way.

Melinda is a coach and Silver Advanced National judge. She is also "one of our girls". She focusses on higher level individuals, boys and RG group and display choreography. She enjoys training the gymnasts to achieve their best. She is currently NSW Junior Display Team Coach and Choreographer

Sue coaches the Rhythmics levels, the Special Olympics and helps with the schools' program.

Kris works with Helen in Kindy gym and schools program.

Amanda is a Level 2 RG and Level 1 MAG and WAG coach. She works two days a week with levels RG girls. Her desire is to see the girls achieve their best and aspire to higher levels.

Caitlyn is MAG coach.

Alexander is a Tumbling and Acro coach from Denmark.